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Helpful Guides

All our helpful guides and info to help you thrive at Marked!

Newbie Guide, Our Rules, Profile Walkthrough, Submission Walkthrough, Face Claims, Who Plays Who, Group Icons and Pips

General Lore

Basic info about Elesya

Plot and Current Events, General Setting, Groups, Important Positions and Roles

Playable Races

There are quite a few options for you to choose from! These are the only available options at this time.

Humans, Elves, Dragons, Fae, Keepers, Mixed Races

Main Location Articles

There are member submitted lore for smaller locations so be sure to visit the category to see them all!

Category:Location Articles, Lymoria, Demir, Neutral Lands, Raven's Rest, The Grove


All races have the potential to use magic so it is no surprise they all sort of have their own thing going.

Laws of Magic, The Magi, Fae Magic, Dragon Magic, Elven Magic, Keepers Magic

Extra Lore

All the extra lore categories members can submit to.

Flora, Fauna, Locations, Slang, History


Member concocted stuff, basically a bunch of silliness. (these pages will be coming soon)

Challenge: Quote that Movie, Awards, Hall of Fame

Latest Activity

New to Marked? We encourage you to start with the newbie guide. It will take you through the important stuff to help you get your bearings. Never hesitate to ask questions!

If need to know who plays what character, this is where you need to go! Our community is comprised of a small collection of writers who have each created at least one character, so it helps to figure out who everyone is and to organize it in one area. This is editable. If you do not see your name feel free to add it.

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After reading our Lore Submission page, you are welcome to contribute!

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